This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
I sit myself upon the hill and see the happenings that take place under the sun,
What is man and what does he worth?
Like a tender shoot sprouts he comes,
His days like the twinkling of an eye,
His exit like chaff blown away,
His body after all, which he had enjoyed the pleasure of life upon is worth not more than two pans of dust after decomposition;
For he shall return to dust, which he is made of.
When a star falls, a soul goes home;
Whether to Heaven, perhaps to Hades, who knows?
Death how inevitable it is!
Whether a man fulfils his purpose or not, he will surely die;
When the maker says the time of a man is up
Can he spend one more second?

Why are you feeling so sad?
You’ve got the light, you’ve got no worries;
Tell me your problems,
Share with me your challenges,
I have one solution to offer,
Shine your light and don’t be afraid,
No matter little a light is,
It brings end to extreme darkness,
A little drop becomes an ocean,
As short as a dwarf is the lifetime of a man,
Your light is your destiny,
Unlock your potential, let it illuminate;
Life is a race that everybody runs,
Some will run fast and some slowly,
Everyone will get there,
It’s a shame if you give up before the finish line.

In my heart I desire a bright future,
I have the vision of life in abundance,
I’ve seen tomorrow, I know where I’m going;
I stand tall, I won’t be bored;
I’ve come to fulfil my dreams,
I stand tall, I won’t be shaken;
I’ve  come to fulfil my desires,
I stand tall, it won’t be long,
I will surely attain my lofty destination.

– Timilehin Ajibade



I’ve seen where slave rides on horse,
And the noble man walks barefooted;
I’ve seen where the snail flies,
And the eagle crawls;
I’ve seen a billionaire begging for thousand,
And a little man having in abundance;
The agile and energetic man lacks everything,
The old and weak man lacks nothing;
Wealthy men are so poor,
Money alone is all they have;
Clergymen are too holy to sin,
Yet they swim in pool of iniquities;
The creator made this place a Paradise,
Humans turn it into paradox;
If I were the Angel of Revolution,
I would change the world in a breath.

Weird things happen in the land of paradox;
A country subject to the administration of an egocentric tyranny,
Too sorrowful to be consoled;
Donkey’s years a slave, after freedom, still a slave;
People hustling like elephant, eating like ant;
Shedding tears amid rain;
In the generation of love,
I search for love, I find none;
The stomach of a honest man is filled with lies;
The reconciliation of a wicked man is to go on in his wickedness;
The reconciliation of a foolish man is to continue walking on his way of folly;
The century is filled with new ideas,
But understanding is rare;
A nation blessed with milk and honey cannot feed itself,
But remains subservient to the inferiors;
A state has its slogan to be home of peace,
But it gives birth to terror;
If I had a magic wand,
I would make a positive turnaround.

There’s much I can say,
About the land of paradox;
Poverty is considered a lifestyle in a wealthy land;
Good man dies, harsh man remains;
A wise man sits atop hill afar off;
With his staff stuck to his palm;
Feebly he renders a low-key tune;
Ponder on the lyrics of his tune,
For the music is for a sorrowful man.
A lonely child sits in a sand pit;
Four and twenty scary men in black come from nowhere;
To snatch him away;
Painfully he screams loudly,
Until his voice fades.
No security in a secured land;
Tell me where to go for hope.

There’s a place I long to be,
Where the wind is mild and free,
Where joy plays together with justice,
Where the atmosphere is yellow like a setting sun,
A place that has a friend for everyone,
Where a smile will warm your heart,
Where dream comes true within an eye-blink.
A great day is coming!
The pregnant and nursing mother will rejoice,
The baby in womb will chuckle,
Men will dwell in the shelter of harmony,
Young ones will relate with one another brotherly.
A lie may stand for a thousand years,
But one day the truth will reign;
Keeping my fingers crossed will I wait,
‘Til my day of perfection comes.
Love shall overcome hate,
Truth shall overcome lie,
Surely a bright sun-ray shall overcome the thick darkness.

-Timilehin Ajibade



This is what makes me think,
When life doesn’t release its blings,
And the blissful stars cease to blink,
When the crystal-like waters fail to spring,
And the joyous bell stops to ring,
When the bosom friend fails to throw a wink,
And the oceans of life make me feel I want to sink.

Then will I remember the entity,
Of my priority,
In this world of constant jeopardy,
Right away I’ll bring myself back to my mentality.
Shunning my imbecility,
I will revive my sanity,
And realise that there is always possibility in every impossibility,
There is always ability in every disability,
There is always a way out of every captivity.

Tears are for babies,
Worries are for fools,
The fool always bow to the man with courage.
I won’t wait for the one who will never come,
I will face the battle myself,
I will take a step forward,
Despite the challenges around me,
I know days ahead are colourful,
I won’t give up to the time,
Harsh times don’t last,
I will pump forward.

My dear brother,
Just when life’s getting better,
You face some stormy weather,
Just know it won’t last forever,
Your greatest enemies of success and happiness,
Are negative emotions of all kind,
They hold you down, tire you out,
And take away all your joy in life.
Fear, self-pity and feelings of inferiority then take over,
But there is a way yonder,
Let the positive emotions,
Of love, peace, joy and enthusiasm flow in your life,
And the rest of your days will be bright as the sun!

– Timilehin Ajibade



Don’t believe the red wine when it sparkles,
In the goldplated transparent vessel,
At last it will make you unnecessarily flirt up your muscle,
And like a straying dog that won’t listen to the hunter’s whistle,
You will turn your head against your positive hustle,
To her deceptive eyes and her bitchy nipples,
Poverty will then show up like a bandit from the jungle,
And you will end up consuming dry and less-nourished morsels.

Don’t ever believe the fortified wine when it bubbles,
At last it will make your visions dazzle,
Your entire strength will go feeble,
Your senses will tumble,
Then you will feel like taking a cup of diesel,
Even to the birds in the sky will you giggle,
With bad companies you will mingle,
And unto you the devil will nuzzle.
Beware! For surely will it overcome you and throw you into shackles.

– Timilehin Ajibade.



The Preacher man speaks, everyone hears, but no one listens. He sees a danger ahead, warns, but no one pays attention. He warns about days to come, full of tribulations; they all make jest. He speaks of bad times ahead, they all laugh it off.
Oh! What a little man. He tries to look, they blindfold him; yet, he doesn’t fall silent. He shouts all over the streets all day long, but they won’t listen.
Why will they listen to a man that lives in a remote hamlet? A man that lives old style of life, a man made up of tattered rag. A man from nowhere, who is always poor, why will they listen to him? Why will they listen to a man whom there’s no one to to cater for.
He works all day long, gets a less pay but he’s contented with what he has. Every time he prays for a better time to come, the better times choose to stay faraway, yet, he is pleased. He realizes the world is a place  he can’t get everything he wants. He therefore works for a better place beyond: where he will smile and cry no more, where he will be happy and won’t be sad anymore; where he will seek and find, where he will knock and it will be opened, where he will find everyone to be a friend, where he will have everything in abundance, where he will no longer live in a remote hamlet, where he will no longer be of a tattered rag.
He looks up to the sky with optimism, he pays no attention to the things behind, he focuses on the things set before him. He’s ready to bear his burden with all smiles. He tries to convince everyone of a great place beyond. He teaches the children the ways to go.
Finally, he closes his eyes breathlessly, silently his soul moves to the grave. After all, all that could appear on his crooked, ugly face is a great smile.

-Timilehin Ajibade

Ever smiling sun


Ever smiling sun,
Brightens the hope for a new day,
Quenches the freezes of the night,
Ascertains a beautiful day,
Rekindles the hope of existence.

Ever smiling sun,
Hiding behind the trees,
Brings out little children to play,
Harbours no room for evil doers,
Chases the crime-mongers.

Ever smiling sun,
Grants the opportunity to make hay;
Gives you the courage to shine,
To come out in flying colours;
You’re not yet done until the sun is done,
So do your best and attempt the rest.

Ever smiling sun,
Moving towards the west,
Everybody bidding farewell,
We shall be in our bed till you come back,
To freshen our joy of existence.

– Timilehin Ajibade



If I had known that ‘the life is a race;
I would have picked up my baton and strive to be among the ace.
If I had known that ‘the life is a war field;
I wouldn’t have taken it, as though it were fun filled.
If I had known that ‘the life is a game;
I would have made myself ready to make some gain.
If I had known that ‘the life is a lengthy path;
I would have buckled my shoes, to take onto my own part.
If I had known that ‘the life is a pressure;
I wouldn’t have taken it up to myself to be a pleasure.
If I had known that ‘the life is worth a measure;
I wouldn’t have counted it worthy to be a leisure.
Little thing  I get, out of everything I want;
If I had known, I wouldn’t have planted my seeds all at once.
The game of life is won by intelligence;
But I’ve taken it with all negligence.
If I had known after all that everything is vanity;
I would have taken to it high level of sanity.
But this is now my fate, I will accept it.
This is my burden, I will bear it.
Perhaps I were given another chance, all might be well; but this is a journey of no return.

That is where I’ve come from, looks like a wonderful globe;
Where you will chase and won’t get;
Where you will get and won’t be satisfied;
Where you will be satisfied but won’t rest;
Where you will rest but won’t sleep;
Where you will sleep but not with your two eyes;
Where you sleep with your two eyes and the cold hands of death will reach out to receive you.

Let therefore all the kings, rulers of the world, the queens, the wealthy men and all those with high level of sanity chase the world a bit.
Let them all know that there’s a place beyond,
Where you will spend extremely more than your lifetime,
Where you will be judged according to your lifestyle,
Where you will be happy or sad forever.
Chase the world a bit for everything you see there is vanity.

– Timilehin Ajibade